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About Us

We introduce ourselves as an ISO 9001-2008 certified in 2001 in the name Software Academy with a vision to strengthen India’s bright future in the field of Information Technology & Computer Science. Software Academy is a forerunner in the country to have progressive steps to implement and impart total IT solutions, quality e-literacy programs that ensures distribution of the benefits of the IT boom on pan-India basis. With currently witnessing an E-commerce revolution, the business scene has changed and global markets have now easily adapted to that, we have observed this concept and determined to provide innovative, cost effective and customized solutions. We at Software Academy, visualize a nation which is e-literate and in due course can be molded to a community where e-commerce can be applied for . We have put forward two phases of projects for this. In the first phase the society has to be made aware of IT and in the second phase we have created an infrastructure both at the urban and rural front to enable the dissemination of the technology. Both these visions has been achieved through our path breaking e-learning programs, which to date, has trained more than a million learners.